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At Starglaze, we are committed to continuously offer the Lincolnshire homeowner the best product, which is why we offer the Ultraframe Carport. This extension is a great way to protect your car from debris such as leaves or bird poo. It is made from aluminium posts which support a glazed roof, protecting your vehicle from whatever the weather may bring to your Lincoln, Grimsby, Spalding, Scunthorpe or Newark home.

A carport is a great way of reducing the amount of time you spend maintaining your car in the morning. You’ll reduce ice build-up on the cold Lincolnshire mornings, reducing the amount of time you have to defrost your vehicle. It also helps to keep it dry on the rainy days, meaning you don’t get soaked when you go between vehicles. By choosing a carport, you’ll not only maintain the quality of your car for longer but save yourself more time before you head on journeys.

Carports Lincoln

Easy to Install

Unlike a conventional garage, the Starglaze installation team can install a carport with relative ease at your Lincoln home. We won’t have to spend any time cutting it to shape when we install it at your property. It’s manufactured off-site to fit the exact measurements and requirements of your home. You’ll be able to continue with normal day-to-day takes and not feel it will be disrupted by a drawn-out installation.

Bespoke Carports Lincoln

Highly Practical Designs

A brand new carport is a great way of adding value to your home and allow you to park your car with ease. Unlike a traditional garage, the Lincolnshire homeowner won’t have to wait for a door to open or to step out of their vehicle to open a door. Instead, they’ll simply be able to just pull-in and only get out of the comfort of their car to head indoors.

The design of the carport is practical, with the aluminium not only providing support but acting as a rainwater pipe. When the Lincolnshire bad weather hits, water will immediately be carried away, helping to maintain the structural integrity of your property. The post itself projects 500mm below ground level, protecting it against strong winds. This means that when the weather does take a turn for the worse, you don’t have to fear that your car could be at risk or your carport will fall onto it, causing damage. Within the design is 6mm or 10mm glass, which will help to protect your car from the changeable seasons.



Benefits of Our Composite Doors

It’s important with any double glazing product that it suits the style of your Lincolnshire home, and the carport isn’t any different. Despite not having any walls, the guttering, posts and roof will stand out and fit in with the existing decor and character of your home. This extension is available in two neutral and distinctive colours: grey or white.

A carport can be installed at a variety of different properties. Available in nine various designs, we can offer the best fit for your Lincolnshire home, regardless of how much free space you have available. By having an extension like a carport, you’ll raise the value of your property.

Unlike some other extensions, the carport requires minimal upkeep and won’t need any high maintenance tasks to retain the good-as-new look. As it is made from the finest aluminium profile, it will continue to provide lasting quality, even after constant exposure to the changeable elements. The colour is imbued within the profile and won’t flake or rot, even after many years in the rain. The carport profile itself will never warp, bow, twist or crack, giving you the peace of mind that your extension will help to keep your vehicle protected.

When you purchase one of our Carports for your Lincolnshire home, you want to know that your product will provide many years of quality. That’s why we offer our customers a guarantee of quality. We have several guarantees in place to help our customers if anything goes wrong (which is highly unlikely) within 5-years and 10-years from your product being installed.

Carport Prices Lincoln

If you are looking to discuss a Carport for your Lincolnshire home, then get in contact today. You can call us on 01522 512020 or fill out our online contact form. For those that already know what extension they want, then why not fill out our online quote form. This will provide you with a bespoke estimate on how much our services will cost you. If you’d like to see our product range face-to-face, our showroom is based at Chieftain Way, Tritton Road, Lincoln. If you want to book an appointment to visit, you can fill out this online form. If you can't make it to our showroom but still want to speak to one of our team face-to-face, you can book an appointment for them to visit your home through here.

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