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Stunning Aluminium Doors in Nottingham

Why not treat yourself to exceptional style and beauty for your Nottingham home and choose an aluminium door? These impressive double glazed doors offer excellent thermal efficiency, outstanding levels of security and superb, long-lasting performance. You can choose from a multitude of styles and designs, allowing you to find the absolute perfect fit for your home, whether that is as the main entrance, or to the back of your property.

For Nottingham homeowners looking to replace ageing timber, steel or even uPVC doors, our Aluminium Doors are the perfect option. These doors, unlike those designs, boasts a low maintenance frame that will continue to retain its quality for many years to come. Unlike those materials, the frame of our aluminium doors will not warp, bow, rot, twist, flake, crack or discolour. The colour itself has been imbued into the material, offering year-after-year of quality use. 

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Why Choose Aluminium Doors?

There are so many reasons for choosing aluminium doors. Not only are you presented with enhanced security, which is provided through a combination of an inherently strong structure and technologically advanced locking systems, but they offer a whole host of other benefits too. Our aluminium doors are exceptionally thermally efficient. The thermally broken profile enables them to lock heat into your home. This, coupled with outstanding double glazing, ensures that your home is kept warmer for longer, and, in turn, you will save money on your energy bills as you will use less heating.

Another feature of the aluminium doors we install is that they provide incredibly long-lasting performance. They will continue to look pristine, never warping, rotting or fading, year after year. They require minimal maintenance, saving you time and money, freeing you up to do things that you would enjoy far more.

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Choose Your Aluminium Door Style

The range of aluminium doors styles and designs available to you is virtually limitless when it comes to choosing an aluminium door for your Nottingham home. Add to this the extensive range of colour choices and you can be confident that we have the perfect aluminium door for you that will enhance the aesthetic of your property. Whether you would prefer a greater glazed area or more aluminium in the design, the choice is yours. Not only that but there are a variety of glazing options available too for our aluminium doors, so you can customise almost every detail.

You can rely on our aluminium doors being almost indestructible, keeping your family and home safe. This is due to their inherent strength and multi-lock reinforcement. The beauty of this is that style is not compromised to create this strength. Our aluminium doors have beautiful slimline frames which completely disguise their amazing strength.

You Can Choose These Aluminium Doors

Incredibly popular due to their luxurious finish, smooth operating action, and stunning design, our aluminium bifold doors are a highly sought after choice for your Nottingham home. They do offer the wow factor when it comes to creating an impressive entrance to your garden. You can truly fuse your indoor and outdoor living spaces with their wide openings and neat folding action. Just as with all our aluminium doors, our aluminium bifolding doors offer supreme energy efficiency, keeping your home warm and protected from the weather outside.

Our range of aluminium patio doors uses the very latest technology to ensure your home is safe. Gone are the days when a double glazed patio door was seen as a weak spot for burglars. These modern developments offer a virtually indestructible profile coupled with high security locking mechanisms that will defeat even the most intense physical attack.

But there is more to our aluminium patio doors than outstanding security. They are also beautiful, with slimline frames that can be customised with our range of colours to suit your tastes. They provide an extensive glazing area, giving you amazing, uninterrupted views of the outside. This has the second benefit of enabling the maximum amount of natural light available to flood into your home.

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