Scheme Overview

Starting at £50 for your first referral and increasing each time you recommend our services, if you Refer & Earn 10 times, then overall you can earn a total of £10,000* back!

To recommend a friend, relative or colleague, simply fill out this form. We will send you the ‘Recommendation Fee’ as per our Terms and Conditions. If you’d like to find out more about the scheme, you can call us on 01522 512 020 or fill out our online contact form. Please note, filling out the contact form does not constitute a confirmed recommendation.

*Subject to Starglaze Recommendation Scheme Terms & Conditions, as published below.

Referral Options

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Recommendation Scheme Terms & Conditions

(1) This agreement is solely between Starglaze Home Improvements and the person recommending our services.

(2) Upon receipt of this recommendation, Starglaze will contact the recommended person directly. There will be no obligation on the part of the recommended person to purchase goods from Starglaze.

(3) The recommendation fee will be paid by bank transfer from us and your Refer & Earn card officially stamped, only when the recommended household has been fitted and their contract paid in full.

(4) The maximum amount of recommendations you can make within this scheme is ten.

(5) To qualify for the payments as set out within the Recommendation Scheme, all recommendations must be made within five years of your installation date/the date of your first recommendation (whichever is earlier).

Terms & Conditions Continued

(6) There is no obligation to be a customer of Starglaze in order to recommend our services and use this recommendation scheme.

(7) Starglaze reserve the right to alter the value of the recommendation fee as and when deemed necessary by the company.

(8) The recommendation must be received at head office before the recommended places their order, either by completing the Recommendation Scheme website form or by completing and handing in an official Recommendation Card.

(9) For recommending our services, regardless of whether the recommended person places an order with us, your details will also be entered into a quarterly prize draw for a period of twelve months from the date the recommendation was received.

(10) By recommending someone to us, you agree to be bound by the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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