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You Have Control

Throughout the entire design process, you can have complete control. From the variety of doors, windows and wall designs that are compatible with hup!, you can have your say. What's more, hup! is also a perfect fit with 4 different market leading, Ultraframe roofing options.

Five Times Quicker To Install

With hup!'s pre-fabricated design that quickly snaps into place on site, our installers can complete your conservatory or hup! house extension five times faster than traditional building methods. Allowing you to enjoy your new space as soon as possible.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Don't settle for less. With a hup! conversion, your home can benefit from improved thermal performance that is 5 times greater than the average UK property. Thanks to Ultrapanel technology, you can massively reduce your energy bills, as well as your carbon footprint.

Unmatched Quality

A hup! build utilises the most advanced manufacturing process so that your home can reach the highest standard of quality. By combining design with our experienced hup! builders, you can enjoy a truly flawless build.

One Project Kept Simple

Our dedicated team of highly trained hup! builders can manage your hup! project from start to finish. At Starglaze, we know that being passed around can be nerve wracking. That's why we ensure that our customers are at ease with our friendly team.

60% More Carbon Efficient

With zero waste in production and no site waste to dispose of, hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall. Ongoing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are also lower than a brick wall, thanks to its superior thermal performance.


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hup! Case Studies

hup! case study

Lucy's hup! Story

Lucy resides in a semi-detached home from the 1930s located in Lancashire – previously inhabited by its owner for four decades. Having purchased the house with the intent of a complete revamp, Lucy is working through each room – transforming every space into a modern property.

At the core of this overhaul was the incorporation of a modern extension – creating an open-plan kitchen/dining area. As the moment approached for her extension aspirations to materialise, the innovative hup! building system debuted – prompting Lucy to recognise its ideal fit for her endeavor.

Lucy was eager to keep the extension in harmony with their 1930s property. She opted for a simple lean-to style, which was complemented by a hup! tiled roof and full-length glazed panels. By merging the old kitchen and dining room with the hup! extension, a spacious open-plan room was achieved.

Inside the extension, a cleverly hidden pocket door grants access to a utility room, where a glazed panel in the roof ensures that all wall space is available for cupboards. The exterior was adorned with white render, accented by a large set of anthracite grey bifold doors.

Experience Lucy’s hup! Journey

Join Lucy as she walks through her journey of building a new hup! extension to her home – transforming it into an open-plan kitchen and socialising area.

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Sarah's hup! Story

Homeowners Sarah Walsh and her partner Steven recently upgraded their worn-out conservatory into a striking new extension. By choosing a hup! building system, their outdated conservatory was completely revitalised into a stunning living space in just a few days!

For some time, Sarah and Steven’s conservatory remained neglected and unused. They found the polycarbonate roof and dwarf walls to be out of sync with their home’s contemporary vibe. Additionally, distorted guttering only added to the exterior’s dated appearance.

Due to the polycarbonate and outdated frame technology, the conservatory’s interior lacked temperature regulation, rendering it unusable and merely serving as a dumping ground.

Watch Sarah’s hup! Journey

Join Sarah as she explores how she and her partner revitalised their neglected conservatory and turned it into a modern open-plan extension that now serves as the focal point of their home.

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hup! Technology Explained

hup! is at the forefront of revolutionary advancements in the home improvement and extension industry. Its exceptional durability is five times more effective energy efficiency and five times faster to build. Elevate your home with hup! today.

hup! Conservatory Transformations

Upgrade your outdated or unused conservatory with a hup! build. Gain a modern space in your home.

hup! Extensions

Gain much needed space and add value to your property with a hassle free and fast to construct hup! extension.

hup! Conservatories

Tailor a hup! conservatory to match your property style. Benefit from the latest conservatory construction that is energy efficient and light enhancing.

hup! Garden Rooms

Build a free standing hup! garden room that will give your home's exterior a much needed space for socialising and alone time.

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