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Advanced uPVC construction and secure locking systems
Hybrid build that's 15-20% more energy efficient than standard doors
3mm maximum thermal movement
Stronger and more thermally stable

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High Performance GRiPCORE Profiles

Your doorway is the focal point of your home, therefore it needs to be both high-performance and aesthetic. Designed and manufactured in Britain, GRiPCORE composite doors are the ultimate entrance solution for your home.

GRiPCORE is a cutting edge hybrid door solution that provides a formidable barrier for your home. Carefully engineered, GRiPCORE has a solid inner core that compromises 3 layers of cross-laminated hardwood. This core is encased in a laminated veneer lumber and features hardwood stiles and rails.

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Advanced Security


Thermal Performance

Built to the highest standards of thermal efficiency, GRiPCORE doors will keep your home warmer. This hybrid construction is 15-20% more energy efficient than standard composite doors. With a solid timber core and high performing 44mm thick GRP skins, they provide maximum thermal performance and security. GRiPCORE can achieve ultra low u-values of 1.0 W/m2k, so you can keep your home warmer all year round.

Benefits of Our GRiPCORE Composite Doors

The GRiPCORE hybrid profile performs better than standard composite slabs. The profile benefits from an incredibly tough construction, delivering high strength and rigidity that ensures its long lasting performance. Your new GRiPCORE door will work like new for years to come. Using a fusion of modern and traditional materials engineered to the highest calibre, the advanced core makes this e3ntrance solution the best on the market. It’s brand new GRiPCORE technology ensures it’s strength, and DOORCO’s 4mm GRP skins ensure it is completely weatherproof. This combination means these doors are the perfect solution for your home, providing both security, strength and protection.

Benefiting from GRiPCORE technology and DOORCO’s 4mm GRP skins, your new door will stay intact whatever the weather. Its weather resistant properties mean it won’t crack, move or delaminate during its lifetime. This ultra-low maintenance door will never require repainting like a traditional timber door, and is designed to save you both time and money.

You can customise your new GRiPCORE composite door to your design aspirations. The Glass Reinforced Plastic skin (GRP) profile can be painted in any colour, meaning you can have the perfect entrance solution that also meets your home’s style needs. The collection offers a range of stock colours, including white, tan, black and anthracite. With a range of styles, colours, glass designs and hardware accessories you can create a striking design that is perfect for your home, whether it’s a contemporary or more traditional home. You even have control over how the door operates, choose from a stylish range of door furniture to really enhance your entrance solution.




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