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Starglaze installs aluminium rooflights in homes across Lincoln, Lincolnshire & surrounding areas.

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Letting the Light into Your Home

The installation of our aluminium Flat Rooflights offer an excellent way of brightening up any Lincoln or Lincolnshire property. A rooflight allows for natural light to flood into your home, helping you to heat your property naturally. This will reduce your reliance on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills.

Flat rooflights will also help to make your home more welcoming, with the product allowing your family to enjoy the Lincoln & Lincolnshire sunshine and the night sky. Operating these blinds is as simple as touching a button. The blinds work using a simple-to-use fitted wall switch and remote control, so you can change the light in your home from the comfort of your sofa. This product isn’t just limited new builds and can be installed as a replacement for an existing skylight.

Letting the Light in On Your Terms

When you get one of our aluminium flat rooflights, you’ll be able to control the exact amount of light that enters your home. Our flat rooflight features a motorised integral blind, so you can control how much light you want to let in. If you don’t want the warm summer sun flooding in, then our blind can help you to keep your room nice and cold.

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Robust Materials

We construct our flat rooflights using high-quality aluminium. This material is not only lightweight but incredibly rigid and secure. It means that your home will be secure from uninvited visitors and the harshest Lincolnshire weather. Having been thoroughly tested, even the strongest and coldest winter winds will not compromise the comfort of your home.

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Quality Guaranteed

Starglaze Windows are a FENSA accredited installer of fantastic double glazing products. When you purchase one of our new flat rooflights for your Lincolnshire home, you want to know that your product is built to last. That’s why we offer our customers a guarantee of quality. We have several guarantees in place to help our customers if anything goes wrong (which is highly unlikely) within 5 years or 10 years of your product being installed.

Here's some of of Our Flat Rooflights Benefits

When you purchase our aluminium flat rooflights for your Lincoln or Lincolnshire home, you may be concerned about having to spend more money on your central heating in case heat escapes through the rooflight. With this product, this shouldn’t be a problem. Among other benefits such as security, aluminium is famous for being a thermally efficient product.

This means that your flat rooflights do an excellent job of trapping the natural warmth in your home. We use two glass panels in our skylight either side of the integral blind, which helps to improve the room’s overall thermal efficiency, with heat unable to escape. This could lead to you spending less on your energy bills, potentially lowering your carbon footprint.

We appreciate that you want your new aluminium flat rooflights to fit in with the decor and style of your home. That’s why we allow our Lincolnshire customers to choose from three different colour options, letting them find the perfect fit for their home. Despite being an innovative modern product, our flat rooflights will fit new homes as well as traditional properties.

You may worry that our flat rooflights will require excessive maintenance after installation. However, our aluminium flat rooflight doesn’t have the same problems. We manufacture this product from high-quality materials that don’t require much upkeep.

Aluminium as a material requires very little maintenance, looking ‘good as new’ for many years after the installation has been completed. Our flat rooflights won’t rot, warp or distort in any way over time. All you need to do is keep it free of excess dirt and dust. The pleated blind and its motorised mechanisms won’t require any aftercare from you.

These flat rooflights allow you to have more freedom in your home. When the motorised integral blind is withdrawn, your home will be filled with natural daylight. The brightness will make for a warm and welcoming space, whether the rooflight is installed on an extension or above a kitchen.

The blind of our flat rooflights can be remotely withdrawn when you like. This allows you to create a better atmosphere in the evening if you have friends or family around. If the rooflight is fitted in the same room as a TV, you won’t be bothered by the glare.

Flat Rooflight Prices Lincoln

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