Most Popular Home Improvement Trends Coming In 2024

Most Popular Home Improvement Trends Coming In 2024

Are you considering renovating your home this year? Following the uncertainty in the housing market last year, more and more homeowners are choosing to improve their current property over moving somewhere new. 

Each year, the home improvement industry watches new renovation trends come and go. While there are styling trends that are out of fashion before the year is out, other renovation projects continue to grow in popularity as time goes by. 

At Starglaze, we provide high quality double glazing installations in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. In this article, our experts are exploring the most popular home improvement trends coming in 2024. Keep reading to discover the best ways to enhance your home this year. 

2024 Home Improvement Trends 

• Extend Your Space 

In 2023, the UK housing market faced several challenges. Property prices plummeted, mortgage rates fluctuated, and the cost of living crisis resulted in potential buyers choosing to stay put until the financial situation became more stable. It is predicted that housing prices will continue to fall in 2024, and mortgage rates will remain high. With so much uncertainty in the housing market, homeowners wanting more space are choosing to extend their current properties. 

In 2024, we expect to see more homeowners opting for orangery, conservatory and house extension installations. Trends show that homeowners are looking to create versatile spaces that can be used all year round. With an energy efficient installation, properties will benefit from reliable thermal performance and extra space that can be used for multiple purposes. 

home extension trends 2024

• Eco-friendly & Sustainable Upgrades 

The climate crisis isn’t going away, and more homeowners will be making environmentally friendly upgrades to their properties this year. By switching outdated windows for modern double or triple glazing, homes will benefit from improved thermal performance in all weather conditions. 

High spec double glazing will keep homes at a pleasant temperature during the summer and provide high levels of heat retention and insulation during the colder months. Alongside double glazed windows, we are seeing a rise in energy efficient composite door installations. With new windows and doors improving a home’s thermal performance, homeowners can rely less on energy sourced from fossil fuels to keep their homes warm. Reduced energy usage will lead to cheaper bills and a lower carbon footprint. 

Other eco-friendly trends we expect to see this year include a rise in LED lighting, water-efficient fixtures, boiler replacements and the use of recycled materials in home improvement projects. 

Bursts of Colour 

In recent years, home interior trends have swayed towards a more minimalist, industrial look. Well, if current predictions are to be believed, 2024 is the year homes will be bursting with colour again. Home decor experts are seeing a rise in ‘colour drenching/, the concept of choosing a single colour and adding as much of it to your chosen room as possible. 

For instance, homeowners may choose to ‘colour drench’ their living space in blue, opting for wall paint, soft furnishings, furniture and decorative features all in a similar shade. Bringing colour to your home doesn’t have to stop with the decor and furniture, 2024 may also be the year of bright and colourful windows and doors. 

With bespoke window frames and custom door designs available, adding a splash of colour to a property is easy – you might not even need to go anywhere near a paintbrush! With uPVC and aluminium profiles available in a wide range of colours and finishes, every homeowner can enjoy a burst of their favourite colour. 

colours trending in 2024

• Kitchen Upgrades 

The big kitchen renovation project never seems to go out of style. Every year, countless homeowners choose to upgrade their kitchen. In 2024, we expect to see many ‘green’ kitchen upgrades, with homeowners choosing eco-friendly appliances and opting for sustainable materials wherever possible. 

2024 kitchen trend predictions from interior designers include wood flooring, colour blocking, stone islands, colourful taps, porcelain kitchen tops and more. For homeowners wanting more space to cook and enjoy quality family time, a house extension with a roof lantern installation is the perfect solution. With more light and space, homeowners can enjoy a roomy and bright kitchen in 2024. 

Stay On Trend With Starglaze 

Starglaze is a family-run home improvement business, enhancing homes across Lincoln for over 50 years. We design, manufacture, supply and install a range of high quality double glazing products. Our product collection includes energy efficient windows, secure doors, contemporary conservatories and more. Here at Starglaze, we cater to all of your home improvement needs. 

Contact the Starglaze team today to update your property in 2024. Our contemporary installations can keep your home on trend while simultaneously improving its security, energy efficiency and appearance. You can discuss your 2024 home improvement ideas with our expert team by calling 01522 516611 or sending an email to

Invest in a Starglaze installation and give your home a new lease of life in 2024!

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