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16th August 2010 Comments

Window Energy Ratings (WER) Global warming is literally a hot topic at the moment, with protecting the environment and saving energy on everyone’s minds.

To help cut energy use in homes, the government set up the Energy Saving Trust who were tasked with delivering a reduction in carbon emissions.

Windows can account for up to 23% of heat loss from our homes, which is why it is so important to ensure that your replacement windows are as energy efficient as possible.

Starglaze is committed to helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, and can offer C, B and A rated windows.

In order to obtain the ratings, we manufacture all of our double glazed units with Super Spacer bar, which utilises warm edge technology to make the unit more thermally efficient. The units are also filled with an inert gas, such as argon; and we use a very high quality, low emissivity glass.

Take a look at some of the benefits you could receive by having energy saving windows installed:

  • High performance – a standard E rated window can have up to 94% more energy loss than a C rated window.
  • Quantifiable benefit – up to 23% reduction in heat loss from the home.
  • Credibility – rating claims are easily checked on the BFRC web site.
  • Pay back – rising heating bills make it easier to demonstrate savings.
  • Saves money – Energy Saving Recommended windows offer significant reductions in fuel cost for homeowners.

If you would like more information on WER and energy saving windows, please download our presentation which can be found in the downloadable data sheets section of our website.

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