The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

With expensive energy costs remaining an issue here in the UK, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their property more energy efficient. There are many steps you can take to keep your home warmer for longer and energy efficient windows are a great solution.

At Starglaze Windows, we install a wide range of windows across Lincoln and the surrounding areas. We offer profiles to suit all properties, including sliding sash windows, tilt & turn frames and many more high quality profiles.

If you want to enjoy cheaper energy bills and reduce your property’s carbon footprint but are not sure where to start – keep reading! The Starglaze experts have put together this ultimate guide to choosing energy efficient windows for your home.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Windows act as a protective barrier between the inside of a property and the natural elements outside. Single glazing and outdated double glazing often offer poor thermal performance and only provide low levels of energy efficiency. These low quality windows allow cold draughts into homes and are unable to offer adequate heat retention, especially during the colder winter months.

Energy efficient windows offer superior thermal performance and feature double or triple glazing. Homes with energy efficient windows installed will stay warmer for longer. Windows with two or three glass panes are able to trap warm air inside successfully. Profiles achieve high energy ratings when they demonstrate high levels of heat retention, alongside effective prevention of cold air transfer from outside.

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The most energy efficient windows available on the market today are profiles built with low-E glass. This type of window features a microscopically thin metal oxide coating, located on one of the internal glass surfaces. Low-E glass is unique because the metal oxide coating reflects heat back inside, while still allowing natural light to flood in from outside.

At Starglaze Windows, we help homeowners to become more environmentally friendly with our energy efficient installations. We offer a wide range of windows achieving A energy ratings as standard. Alongside energy efficient double glazing, we offer upgrades to triple glazing and low-E glass for superior thermal performance.

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Guide To Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Modern homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to energy efficient windows. We understand that making home improvement decisions can be difficult, and that is why we are here to help you! Follow our expert guide and you will have no problem finding the best energy efficient windows for your home.

Profile Style

The energy efficiency of a window is largely determined by the material it is made from. uPVC and aluminium windows are a popular choice for modern homeowners, due to their attractive appearance and their reliable thermal performance. Once you have decided between uPVC, aluminium or timber alternative frames, you will then need to choose the best profile style for your home. Sliding sash windows are an attractive option for heritage homes, whereas Tilt & Turn frames offer versatility and a unique opening function. Whether you opt for standard casement frames or something a little different, choosing a profile with a high WER is essential for energy efficiency – more on this later!


The type of glazing you choose for your windows will play a large role in their energy efficiency. Homes with single glazed windows often have a difficult time staying warm. A single glass pane is only capable of offering limited heat retention, and cold draughts can easily seep in from outside. By switching from single to triple or double glazing, you can instantly boost your home’s energy efficiency. Double glazed windows feature two glass panes and a single insulating chamber in between, whereas triple glazing features 3 of the former and 2 of the latter. The thicker the window unit, the better the weather protection and insulation provided. At Starglaze, we install A rated double glazing and our triple glazing offers an extra 40% of thermal efficiency! We also offer low-E glass upgrades for maximum levels of energy efficiency.

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Custom Design

There is no need to sacrifice style for reliable thermal performance, modern energy efficient windows have everything covered! Once you have chosen your window profile, it is time to add your own personal touch to your frames. Here at Starglaze, we offer homeowners a large range of customisable windows. With a large selection of RAL colours, finishes, hardware, and glazing options to choose from, designing your perfect energy efficient window is easy. We cater to all style preferences and property aesthetics. With our installations, your home will stay warmer for longer and have a beautiful appearance too. Energy efficient windows can also be visually appealing – there is no need to compromise

Energy Rating

WERs – window energy ratings – are allocated to windows based on their energy efficiency. Running from A++ to G, the WER scale measures several factors. Windows are tested to discover their levels of thermal transmittance (U-value), air leakage (L-factor) and solar gain (G-value). The BFRC collects all of this data, and all replacement windows must achieve a WER of C or above to comply with building regulations. When it is time to replace your windows, invest in profiles with a high energy rating to benefit from the best heat retention and insulation. While windows with a high WER may not be the most budget friendly option, they will lead to cheaper energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

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Upgrade Your Home With Starglaze Windows

At Starglaze Windows, we have been improving homes across Lincoln for over 50 years. We install a wide range of energy efficient home improvements, including a large selection of windows. The Starglaze window range caters to all homes, with customisable profiles to suit properties of all ages.

To improve your home’s insulation and benefit from cheaper energy bills, invest in our energy efficient double glazing. You can discuss your home improvement project with our expert team by calling 01522  512020. Alternatively, enter your enquiry into our online contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Kickstart your installation today by requesting a bespoke online quote, completely free of charge.

We look forward to making your home more energy efficient soon!

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