Windows 101 – A Window Style Guide For Every Home

Windows 101 – A Window Style Guide For Every Home

With so much choice available on the market today, choosing the best window style can feel overwhelming – but we are here to help! At Starglaze, we have been installing high quality windows in Lincolnshire for over 50 years. We provide window styles to suit every property, catering to homes of all ages, sizes and architectural aesthetics.

If you can’t tell a casement window from a sliding sash, or can’t distinguish the differences between uPVC and aluminium frames, this window style guide is a must read. Our experts are sharing everything you need to know about windows styles, to help you make the best choice for your property.

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A Guide To Window Styles

There are many different window styles available for homeowners to choose from. Here is a list of the most popular window styles found in UK homes today:

Casement windows

Casement windows open out on hinges are the most popular profile used in 2024. Most commonly built with either uPVC or aluminium frames, casement windows have a simple yet attractive design. Casement windows can feature single, double or triple glazing and can be customised to suit the appearance of all properties.

Sash windows

Traditional sash windows feature timber frames, single glazing and a weight and pulley opening system. These traditional windows have been a part of British architecture for centuries, with many conservation properties still having authentic sash frames installed. Modern sliding sash windows are often made with uPVC frames and energy efficient double glazing. By replacing outdated frames with multi-benefit uPVC alternatives, homeowners can enjoy the charming classic appearance alongside enhanced security, thermal performance and weather protection. Flush sash windows offer a modern twist on the classic design. While they share many similarities to traditional sliding windows, flush frames have a more sleek and smooth appearance.

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Tilt & Turn windows

The Tilt & Turn window style is perfectly suited for ground floor properties. These unique windows have a versatile function – they open by tilting inwards and turning outwards. With Tilt & Turn windows installed, homeowners can experience reliable security and ample ventilation. As these windows also open out on hinges, they are easy to clean and can be used as an emergency exit if needed.

Bay windows – Unlike the majority of other window profiles that are installed flat into a property’s walls, bay windows protrude outwards. The classic bay window design features multiple glass panes. The expansive sheets of glazing encourage high volumes of natural light to flood inside. Bay windows are the ideal glazing solution for homeowners looking to make their rooms feel brighter and more spacious.

Window Materials

Modern homeowners have plenty of choice when it comes to the window materials. While all materials have their benefits, there are potential drawbacks that also need to be considered. The majority of window profiles used today are made using the following materials:


uPVC is a type of plastic that is frequently used in the home improvements industry. Durable yet strong, uPVC window frames are weather resistant, energy efficient and built to last. uPVC windows are often the most cost-effective option and are loved by homeowners due to their low maintenance needs. Windows made from this material will maintain their appearance and high performance levels for many years to come.


Similar to uPVC, aluminium frames provide homes with reliable insulation and security. Lightweight yet strong, aluminium profiles are easy to install but extremely difficult to break. Homes with aluminium windows are well protected from intruders, cold temperatures and exposure to the natural elements.

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Traditionally, the majority of windows were built with timber frames. While the authentic wood appearance continues to be loved by modern homeowners, timber windows can be prone to several issues. If not properly maintained, timber frames can rot, bow, twist and lose their shape and colour. Wood is a natural insulator and has many benefits, but older timber windows are often unable to match the same performance standard as their modern uPVC or aluminium counterparts.

Glazing Options

As well as choosing the best window frame material for your home, you will also need to decide which type of glazing best suits your needs.

All new build properties must be built with double glazing as standard, although single glazed windows can still be found in many period properties across the UK. Modern double glazing has many benefits, most notable is its energy efficiency. With double glazing installed, you can improve your home’s heat retention by approximately 50%.

Choosing between single and double glazed windows is easy but there are various glass options available for modern homeowners, including:

Triple glazing

Triple glazed windows are highly energy efficient, providing exceptional thermal performance. These windows feature three panes of glass and two insulating chambers. Many standard double glazed window profiles can be upgraded to include triple glazing.

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Safety glass

There are several types of safety glass available on the market today. At Starglaze, we install both tempered and laminated safety glass. When smashed, laminated glass will break but the sheet will remain intact. When tempered glass is broken, it shatters into several small pieces and reduces the risk of injury. Standard glass is much more dangerous, breaking into large jagged pieces when smashed.

Acoustic glass

If you are looking for ways to keep exterior sounds out of your property, acoustic glass is the perfect solution. This type of glazing is specifically designed to offer enhanced sound proofing for your home. The acoustic glass we install is capable of reducing traffic noises entering your home to just 35 decibels.

Privacy glass

If you want to keep prying eyes out of your home, upgrade your windows with privacy glass. Privacy glass can feature a frosted or textured appearance. A popular choice for bathrooms, privacy glass obscures the view through your windows and can also minimise the amount of light entering your space.

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How To Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

Now you have learnt more about the different window styles available today, it is time to find the best profile for your home. When it comes to choosing windows for your property, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • Will this style suit my home’s existing architecture?
  • What are my glazing requirements? Do I need added sound proofing or privacy glass?
  • What opening function do I prefer?
  • Do I want low maintenance frames?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to form a clearer picture of your dream window style. If you are still struggling to choose the best windows for your property, the expert team at Starglaze are here to help.

Improve Your Home with Starglaze Windows

At Starglaze, we improve homes across Lincolnshire. We offer homeowners a wide selection of premium window profiles, with styles to suit every property. Our windows range include uPVC and aluminium models, with several glazing options to choose from. All of our windows can be customised to suit your exact style requirements, as well as offering multiple performance benefits.

Contact the Starglaze team today to discuss your window installation. You can reach us by calling 01522 512 020 or filling out our online contact form. Whatever your dream windows look like, we can bring your vision to life at Starglaze.

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