Stunning Patio Doors

We work with the best materials on the market to ensure customers get the very best patio doors for their Retford home. We offer uPVC and aluminium patio doors, both of which come with their own range of benefits. Every door is precision engineered to ensure superior levels of durability and performance.

Benefits of uPVC Patio Doors in Retford

Our Spectus uPVC patio doors are a fantastic investment for any Retford property. They come with an effortlessly smooth glide system to make it easy to open and close. Adapted to your personal preferences and existing architecture, you can pick from a selection of colours and natural wood effects.

With exceptional Windows Energy Ratings, these patio doors deliver a fantastic thermal performance. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable and cost efficient space for your home, even in adverse weather conditions.

Enhanced Levels Of Security

Our range of uPVC patio doors deliver market leading levels of performance. These double glazed designs feature modern anti-jacking technology, hook latches anti-lift blocks, multipoint locking systems and toughened glass. These elements all work together to protect your home and keep intruders outside where they belong.

Our patio doors deliver such high levels of security, they can achieve Secured by Design accreditation. This is a reliable, police backed initiative which ensures every home is safe to live in. You and your family will be protected all year round, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Despite the expansive panes of glazing, the security of your home, family and belongings will not be compromised.


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Aluminium Patio Doors

We also offer high quality aluminium patio doors for Retford homeowners. Aluminium is an inherently durable material that can cope with adverse weather conditions including wind, rain and snow. These patio doors look visually appealing with slim sightlines, delivering panoramic views of your surroundings.

Despite the expansive panes of glazing and slimline framework, these installations are thermally efficient and secure. Enjoy panoramic views of your outdoor space and create a brighter room. Improve the market value of your home and add a more welcoming atmosphere.

We use Smart Architectural Aluminium to ensure you get the very best for your living space. Crafted using premium aluminium, our doors feature an innovative polyamide thermal break which form a durable barrier to help your home retain natural heat. You and your property will benefit from incredibly low U Values, minimising your reliance on central heating.

Never compromise on the security of your home, as these patio doors come with advanced multi point locking systems and innovative shootbolt techniques on floating mullions. The airtight and watertight seals, alongside the EPDM high quality gaskets and weather brushes will also improve how your home looks and performs.

This line of aluminium sliding doors come in a selection of different colours for you to choose from. You can opt for something bright and modern, or something more timeless and traditional like whites, greys and blacks. We will have something to suit modern and traditional homes alike.

The aluminium sliding doors also have a low threshold option which improves your home’s accessibility. It will be easier to take prams and wheelchairs in and out of a property, thanks to these low thresholds. Create a smooth transition between your home and your garden, decking or patio area.

Cost Effective Double Glazing

Our complete range of high quality patio doors are made using premium products to ensure they are a fantastic investment for your home. These designs are highly durable, specially designed and manufactured to not warp, fade or flop over time or with wear. Enjoy a door that will give you many years of premium service and visual appeal.

Every patio door we install is precision engineered to require the bare minimum upkeep for the homeowner. To ensure these uPVC or aluminium profiles stay looking and performing as good as new is to wipe them down with a damp cloth.

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