Anti Bump Locks – Beat that Burglar!

12th August 2010 Comments

Make sure the door you buy is as secure as it can be! Lock bumping is not a new phenomenon and has been around for many years.

However, the number of cases where lock bumping is being used to enter victims’ properties is on the increase. With the growth of websites such as YouTube, more and more people are able to find out just how easy it is to break into a traditional cylinder lock!

Bump keys are used widely in the criminal world, making it very easy for a Yale type or uPVC door lock to be picked, using no special tools. Unfortunately they are also legal to buy.

Take a look at our lock bumping videos to find out yourself about this alarming trend.

Fortunately there is a simple and relatively cheap way to combat this rising trend, and make your property more secure.

Starglaze can now fit anti-bump locks to all door locking mechanisms, if you wish to take advantage of the additional security features.

Anti- lock bumps prevent would be burglars from effectively bumping your door lock, creating peace of mind.

  • Anti- bump cylinders will not change the appearance of your door
  • They are one of the worlds most secure locks for the domestic and commercial market.
  • They have restricted key profiles, increasing the security of your home further.
  • The latest Starglaze anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill door cylinder meets the very latest security and vulnerability tests as laid down by the Master Locksmiths Association.

If you already have a uPVC door which was not fitted with an anti bump lock, this can easily be changed by replacing your existing door barrel with our new anti-bump barrel, to increase your homes security.

Ask for an anti-bump lock today!

Take a look at our lock bumping videos to find out yourself about this alarming trend.

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