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Quality Aluminium Bifold Doors Nottingham

When the weather is glorious, there is nothing better than opening up your Nottingham home to the outdoors. We offer a range of high quality, luxurious aluminium bifold doors that will expand your living space by uniting your garden and home, giving you a truly wonderful experience. These exceptional sliding doors offer advanced performance and incredible standards of manufacture that you just won’t find anywhere else. Our aluminium bifold doors use cutting edge technology and innovative design combined with exceptional materials to create a beautiful and yet robust double glazed bifold door.

You will really appreciate the lifestyle enhancement that our bifold doors bring to your home. Aesthetically pleasing, they will add character and style while still meeting our highest standards of functionality. For Nottingham homeowners looking to replace old steel, timber and even uPVC doors, the bifold door is quickly becoming the door of choice. These doors continue to retain a good-as-new look for many years to come, and if maintained correctly, can offer more than 30-years of great use. The frame of these aluminium doors will not warp, bow, rot, twist, flake or crack, even after regular exposure to the changeable Nottingham weather. All you need to do is to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

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Stunning Design

There is nothing quite like our bifold doors for adding the wow factor to your Nottingham home. They add something special with their stunning design, while still being practical and functional.
The beauty of the bifolding door is that it operates in a sliding concertina motion, meaning that it takes up less space in your home and at the same time, gives you a wider opening into your outside space. Our multi-purpose bifold doors can also be incorporated into your new conservatory design, creating a simply superb entrance.

They offer superb accessibility to your home, you can choose from a variety of low threshold options that are so sturdy, they will support every day wheelchair access. We also offer an impressive sash width of 1200mm, meaning that your new aluminium bifold doors can be customised to suit the space that you have. Aluminium makes the perfect material for these incredible designs as it offers a sturdy, structurally sound and exceptionally strong profile. Your new aluminium bifold doors will never rot, warp or become unhinged.

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Unique Profile

The unique profile for our state of the art aluminium bifold doors comes from the Smarts Visofold 1000 range. This outstanding profile from Smarts aluminium systems gives you an almost endless variety of options that you can choose from for your new aluminium bifolding doors in Nottingham. Whatever space you have you can choose different fold configurations from left to right or vice versa, so that you get the opening that suits your home.

These stunning bifold doors also have an attractive slim line framework, available with either square or rounded edges, giving you more options for customising your final look. They are provided with a fully fitted secure locking mechanism that has a domestic style ‘lift up’ handle for ease of access. Our aluminium bifold doors are multi-purpose, so you can not only have them installed in your home, they are also suitable for commercial projects in Nottingham.

aluminium bifold doors cost nottingham

Thermally Efficient

One of the most wonderful benefits of our aluminium bifold doors is that they provide excellent thermal insulation. This is due to their innovative design which incorporates the latest technology when it comes to double glazed door design. They are thermally broken which means that due to the cutting edge manufacture and highly advanced technology, they will not allow heat to be lost through the frame. Coupled with our high quality double glazing, this feature ensures that your home is kept much warmer for longer.

This exceptional thermal efficiency means that your heating bills will be reduced. The warmth generated by your central heating is locked inside by these incredible aluminium profiles. Added to this is the comfort of knowing your new aluminium bifold doors will help minimise your family’s impact on the environment, a very important concern for the modern homeowner.

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