Composite Doors

Secure Your Home With Our Range of Composite Doors

15-20% more thermally efficient than solid timber doors
Extensive choice of colours, styles and external finishes
60 % more structural integrity than standard timber doors.
Low sightlines for a smooth and sleek appearance
Low aluminium thresholds available in either silver or gold

Our Range of Composite Door Styles

Composite Doors- Augusta Centre Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Belfry 3 Flush
Composite Doors- Belfry Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Belfry Flush
Composite Doors- Birkdale
Composite Doors- Carnoustie
Composite Doors- Chantilly Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Colonial
Composite Doors- Copenhagen
Composite Doors- Farmhouse Oakmont
Composite Doors- Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Flush
Composite Doors- Gleneagles
Composite Doors- Inox Barcelona
Composite Doors- Inox Biarritz
Composite Doors- Inox Lyon
Composite Doors- Inox Monaco
Composite Doors- Inox Munich
Composite Doors- Inox Nice
Composite Doors- Inox Paris
Composite Door- Links Augusta
Composite Doors- Lytham
Composite Doors- Medinah
Composite Doors- Merion Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Monza 2 Solid
Composite Doors- Muirfield
Composite Doors- Oakmont
Composite Doors- Penina
Composite Doors- Pevero Square Flush
Composite Doors- Portrush
Composite Doors- Riviera
Composite Doors- Saunton Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Seminole 3 Centre Flush
Composite Doors- St Andrews
Composite Doors- Sunningdale Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Sunningdale Flush
Composite Doors- Troon
Composite Doors- Turnberry
Composite Doors- Valderrama Centre Farmhouse
Composite Doors- Vilamoura Flush
Composite Doors- Links Oakmont
Composite Door- Links Augusta Centre
Composite Doors- Links Copenhagen
Composite Doors- Links Flush
Composite Doors- Links Inox Barcelona
Composite Doors- Links Inox Biarritz
Composite Doors- Links Inox Lyon
Composite Doors- Links Inox Monaco
Composite Doors- Links Inox Munich
Composite Doors- Links Inox Nice
Composite Doors- Links Inox Paris
Composite Doors- Links Seminole 3
Composite Doors- Links Seminole 4
Composite Doors- Links Seminole 5
Composite Doors- Links Sunningdale
Composite Doors- Links Valderamma
Composite Doors- Links Villamoura

A Wider Range Of Colours

agate grey










clotted cream


cream white




french blue


















Glass Options *Options Available Dependent on Door Style

Composite Door Glass- Aurora
Composite Door Glass- Beaumont
Composite Door Glass- Bullseye
Composite Door Glass- Cascata
Composite Door Glass- Chelsea
Composite Door Glass- Classic
Composite Door Glass- Clear Tough Low E
Composite Door Glass- Crystal Flowers
Composite Door Glass- Deco
Composite Door Glass- Designer Etch Clear
Composite Door Glass- Designer Etch Grey
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Blue
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Clear
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Clear
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Grey
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Purple
Composite Door Glass- Diamonds Red
Composite Door Glass- Dorchester
Composite Door Glass- Eiger
Composite Door Glass- Elegance Zinc
Composite Door Glass- Etch Squares
Composite Door Glass- Finesse
Composite Door Glass- Flair
Composite Door Glass- Fleur
Composite Door Glass- French Clear
Composite Door Glass- Georgian Bar (Anth Grey)
Composite Door Glass - Georgian Bar (black)
Composite Door Glass- Georgian Bar (white)
Composite Door Glass- Greenwich
Composite Door Glass- Havana
Composite Door Glass- Horizon
Composite Door Glass- Kensington
Composite Door Glass- Linear
Composite Door Glass- Masterline
Composite Door Glass- Matrix
Composite Door Glass- Milan
Composite Door Glass- Millennium
Composite Door Glass- Modena
Composite Door Glass- Montreal
Composite Door Glass- Murano Black
Composite Door Glass- Murano Blue
Composite Door Glass- Murano Green
Composite Door Glass- Murano Purple
Composite Door Glass- Murano Red
Composite Door Glass- New Orleans
Composite Door Glass- Obs Tough Low E
Composite Door Glass- Prairie
Composite Door Glass- Quartz
Composite Door Glass- Reflections
Composite Door Glass- Richmond
Composite Door Glass- Roma
Composite Door Glass- Satin Tough Low E
Composite Door Glass- Simplicity Brass
Composite Door Glass- Simplicity Zinc
Composite Door Glass- Tacoma
Composite Door Glass- Tahoe Black
Composite Door Glass- Tahoe Blue
Composite Door Glass- Tahoe Green
Composite Door Glass- Tahoe Purple
Composite Door Glass- Tahoe Red
Composite Door Glass- Thorncliffe Blue
Composite Door Glass- Thorncliffe Clear
Composite Door Glass- Thorncliffe Green
Composite Door Glass- Thorncliffe Grey
Composite Door Glass- Thorncliffe Red
Composite Door Glass- Trio Diamond
Composite Door Glass- Venetian Blind LH
Composite Door Glass- Venetian Blind RH
Composite Door Glass- Yukon
Composite Door Glass- Zinc Art Star

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Stunning Composite Profiles

Designed specifically for the UK market, our beautiful and classic composite doors are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Their elegant, timeless design combined with their strong and robust structure makes them the ideal choice for the modern homeowner.

Composite doors are a very popular choice due to their traditional and affordable design. These doors are extremely low maintenance too, combining the very best of uPVC technology and classic good looks. Our full range of composite doors undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are PAS24 and Document Q approved.

We offer many different styles, colours, glass designs, and hardware options to our customers in Lincoln, Nottingham, Newark, Grantham, Grimsby, and surrounding areas. Our composite doors can be customised and tailored to suit any taste and property.

Versatile Designs

The traditional timber effect of our composite doors is produced with a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin which is available in a variety of colours to suit every household. For those wanting a consistent look throughout their property, our composite doors can be adapted to suit your home. With a choice of standard and premium colours, homeowners are in complete control over the final design of their new profiles.

Homeowners can also choose to make a statement with our decorative glass options. All decorative glass is manufactured using the highest quality materials and modern techniques, ensuring our customers enjoy the best U-values. Every composite door that we install is guaranteed to have a minimum energy rating level of B.

Composite Doors Authentic Timber Replica

Thermally Efficient

Our composite doors are manufactured using high performing GRP skins and 44mm thick, fully insulated door slabs. This makes them powerfully efficient, providing maximum thermal performance and security. All of our DOORCO frames are produced with a choice of chamfered or decorative profile designs. Each door capable of achieving superior heat and sound installation for our customers.

All the glass used in our composite doors range comes Energy Plus as standard. Manufactured using Pilkington K low emissivity glass, the airspace between panes is filled with Argon gas to give industry-leading thermal efficiency. In addition, we only use warm edge spacer systems from either Superspacer and DecoSeal.

Benefits of Our Composite Doors

Our composite doors are manufactured with a strong and sturdy structural frame making them incredibly robust. Their innate strength combined with the latest hardware makes our composite doors virtually impossible to break into. All of our composite doors exceed the requirements of PAS24 testing to ensure that homeowners enjoy the highest level of home security.

The 44mm DOORCO profile outperforms many other replacement door options available on the market currently and will withstand even the most determined burglary attempts. We use the latest multi-point locking systems with two hooks, rollers, deadbolt, and one soft latch. Additional security upgrades are also available with the Secured By Design accreditation, giving you the option of laminated glass, extra reinforcing, and anti-snap/drill barrels for the ultimate protection.

Unlike timber doors, our composite doors will never warp, rot, or twist. This is down to their highly durable GRP skin. Much more efficient than standard doors, our composite doors also have a high-density foam core which acts as an excellent insulator. The stiles and rails used to create our doors are manufactured from a water-resistant polymer to guarantee longevity. The GRP skins and sub-frame are bonded with a Urethane Adhesive resin to offer outstanding durability.

Manufactured using the latest uPVC technology and locking system, our composite doors offer exceptional security, efficiency, and durability. Their rich and classic style, coupled with superior uPVC materials means these doors not only look fantastic but perform year after year. With increased resistance to forced entry and reinforced GRP skins as standard, these doors offer homeowners the highest level of security available.

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Composite Door Hardware

Bright Bronze
Satin Silver
Antique Black
Bright Bronze
Antique Black
Bright Bronze
Antique Black
Gun Metal
Bright Bronze
Antique Black

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