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Orangeries in Nottingham

Versatile Space

For Nottingham based homeowners planning to add a versatile space to their property, our luxury orangeries are a great choice. Unlike many standard conservatories, a Starglaze orangery will not jeopardise your privacy or security. Our extensions can be used for various purposes, including a home office, children’s playroom or boosting the size of your kitchen or living area space.

A Starglaze orangery is a luxurious mix of a conservatory and regular extension. Whether you are looking to add light to your home or reduce natural sunlight and heat inside your south facing property, here at Starglaze, we are dedicated to providing you with a space you will love.

Our orangeries are made to a high standard, using aluminium and uPVC to ensure maximum strength and security. Our brick based extensions will blend well with your properties original design, and we are sure this space will become a much loved part of your home.

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Private and Secure

Traditional conservatories can compromise the privacy and safety of Nottingham homeowners. However, you do not need to worry about your privacy when choosing a Starglaze orangery. With walls mostly made from bricks and masonry, you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional conservatory space while also maintaining your privacy.

Robustly built to luxury standards, homeowners can rest easy inside one of our orangeries. The superior locking systems keep your home secure and safe from intruders. There is no need to fear any unwelcome guests gaining access through your orangery. To further secure our extensions, multi-point locks are fitted across the framework, designed to remove any possible weak spots within the structure.

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Double Glazed Orangery Extension Brigg

Your Own Design

You don’t have to sacrifice safety for style when purchasing a Starglaze orangery. All customers are able to select the size of their chosen orangery and choose their preferred colour options. We provide an unbeatable range of design options, giving all of our customers the opportunity to create a space in their property that suits both their style and purpose.

With our home improvement service, depth and dimension can be added to various rooms in your home. An orangery can provide you with a larger kitchen or the home office or gym space you have always longer for. Homeowners can also choose to use this versatile space as a guest bedroom. Whatever its purpose, with our wide range of customisation options, an orangery can blend almost seamlessly into your home’s existing appearance.

Added space can also boost the value of your Brigg residence should you decide to move in the future. Many potential homeowners are wanting more spacious properties without the added costs of buying a home with extra bedrooms.

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Affordable Orangeries in Brigg

Weatherproof All Year Round

Traditional conservatories are not the best option if you are looking for a home extension with good temperature control and weather protection. The standard conservatory design is known to lead to damp and drought issues, making them an unpleasant place to spend time during the colder months.

Starglaze customers can be reassured that our orangeries are designed to be at a comfortable temperature all year round. We use a solid wall of construction, creating space for cavity wall insulation. There are also thermal breaks inside the ridge and bars of the frameworks. This design is effective in reducing the risk of condensation.

Weather protection is another concern for homeowners, but our orangeries use a Stormshield protection system in the ridge end, ensuring a watertight design. Starglaze orangeries have been designed to retain heat and to be well protected from the elements.

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Orangery Prices Nottingham

Looking for a luxury orangery in Nottingham? Our online quoting engine can instantly provide you with a quote for your custom, versatile space for your property. With the help of our price calculator, in just a few clicks you will know exactly how much your chosen design will cost. Orangeries can add more space to your home and you can design your perfect versatile orangery right here on the Starglaze website. You can choose from a wide range of style options and create the perfect extension to suit your style and needs.

All of our home extensions are robustly built and of high quality, just get in touch with us to learn more. Call us on 01522 512020 to speak to a member of the knowledgeable Starglaze team about our orangeries and other home improvement services. Alternatively, you can use our contact form to get in touch online.

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