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Composite Cladding

Protect your home with a high-quality Composite Cladding Profile

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Minimal Expansion/Compression

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Perfect Cladding Upgrade

For those looking to replace existing cladding at their Lincoln home, our range of composite cladding is the perfect upgrade. The Coastline Composite Cladding system is unique to the manufacturer. Manufactured with a resilient material, this roofline product is easy to work with and fit.

Unlike other cladding materials, this composite cladding won’t expand or contract, even after constant exposure to the changeable Lincolnshire weather. This provides you peace of mind that your home is receiving the best protection constantly. It also reduces the risk of parts brickwork being exposed over-time.


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Durable Material

Unlike uPVC or timber cladding, composite cladding is much more hard-wearing, long-lasting and will retain its quality, even after constant exposure. Made with a patented triple composite of polymer resins, inorganic minerals and acrylic colourants, these are extruded to offer great strength and stability. As the design does not incorporate wooden fibres or any other organic material, your cladding will never absorb moisture. This means your cladding will not rot or attract insects that could damage the material.

To ensure composite cladding does offer the best protection against the changeable Lincolnshire weather, it has been tested and designed for wind, hail and impact resistance. Should the material be impacted and pick up minor bumps or scrapes, they will be invisible from kerbside due to the fade-resistant colour formation. This means you can have complete confidence your Lincoln home always looks the best.

colour range of composite cladding

Colours to Suit Your Home

It’s important with any double glazing product that it matches the rest of your Lincoln home. With our range of composite cladding, you’ll be able to have a great looking product that offers the best protection. We offer six different colours for the homeowner to choose from. These include Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Pigeon Blue, Oyster, Soft Green, and Taupe.

When installed, the composite cladding panels butt together in the same way as timber. This creates a natural, embossed wood cladding finish, completing the authentic timber look. For Lincoln homeowners looking to replace existing cladding, this profile helps to maintain the character of your home. It can also provide a modern look at new build properties.

Benefits of Our Composite Cladding

It’s important that you feel safe within your Lincoln home. That’s why we offer composite cladding that has been thoroughly fire tested for hundreds of hours. This system has been fire performance tested to BS EN 13501 by Exova Warrington Fire, an independent leading authority in fire testing.

As our composite cladding holds this certification, it means it conforms to the current British and European regulations in Reaction to Fire and Single Flame Combustibility tests. It is also certified for use as an exterior wall cladding in all approved applications. This gives you the complete peace of mind that your Lincolnshire property will be protected.

Sometimes double glazing projects have a habit of over-running or providing a lot of disruption to the Lincolnshire homeowner’s day-to-day routine. With our composite cladding profile, this won’t be the case. The profile we use is fast and easy to install. Created with a simple interlocking mechanism, this fixes to standard timber battens with no membranes required (when installed with the aluminium butt joint trim).

In an age where the environmental impact of an installation is important, it’s good to know where our products come from. Our composite cladding is created with 100% recyclable materials. As it is created with a durable, long-lasting composite, it will never require painting or treating with preservatives, which can contain volatile chemicals. Cutting the panels to length also releases no harmful silica dust, which has been linked to several serious respiratory diseases such as lung cancer.

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Composite Cladding Prices Lincoln

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