Flat Roofs

Promising fantastic looks, a lasting performance and a durable, low maintenance design, our Flat Roofs are independently certified to have an exceptionally long life expectancy. An investment in our flat roofing system for your Lincoln, Nottingham or Newark home is an investment into the future.

Highly weather resistant, our flat roofs can be used on a multitude of properties, extensions, conservatories, roof terraces, balconies, dormers, porches, bay windows and garages.

Innovative Flat Roof System

Our flat roofing system is manufactured using innovative, high-end materials for a long lasting performance.

This market-leading flat roofing system is installed without naked flames, hot bitumen or multiple layers and resins. Instead, the surface is carefully prepared using a uPVC membrane to secure the roof with specialist fastenings. The membranes are then permanently fused together which ensures a durable and extremely weather tight finish.

Quality, Breathable Membrane

All our uPVC membranes are vapour permeable preventing blistering or slumping which can be a common problem in traditional flat roofs.

These revolutionary flat roof systems feature a uPVC membrane which is designed to ‘breathe’, allowing trapped moisture to escape and preventing moisture damage to your home.

Coated Edge Trims

This uPVC membrane comes available in a choice of colours, giving you a great looking, weather resistant roof edge.

Dimensionally Stable

The membranes will never lose their shape, shrink or stretch. This means you are guaranteed many years of high performance.

Solar Reflective

UV resistant, the membranes are highly resistant to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Our flat roofs membranes are stringently tested for UV ageing – a test which requires exposure to 5,000 hours of UV rays.

In fact, the membranes are tested to withstand 10,000 hours of UV exposure, making them incredibly resistant to the elements.


All membranes feature a unique lacquered top coating which provides better resistance to industrial and biological waste and air pollution.

Independent Backed Guarantee

For your complete peace of mind, all our flat roofing systems come the with Starglaze 10 year parts and workmanship guarantee. All membrane and ancillary products come with a generous guarantee from the manufacturer.

Replacement Roofs

Our flat roofs are the ideal solution for a problem roof which is cracked and blistering. Our Flat Roofs has been specifically designed to prevent weather damage, with every component of this system being manufactured with this roof type in mind. These roofs can even be used to replicate seamed metal roofs or lead roofs.

Garage Roofs

It is important that your garage roof keeps the elements at bay in order to protect stored belongings. Often, due to neglect, inadequate materials and poor drainage, your garage roof will start to leak. This can cause a lot of problems and can be a cause of concern whether it is attached to your property or standalone. Your garage roof needs to perform whatever the weather.

At Starglaze, we have lots of hard working experience in transforming poorly performing roofs into effective, weather tight replacements. Compared to traditional roofing materials, our uPVC flat roofs are considerably more appealing too.

 Why Choose Our Flat Roofs?

  • Vapour Permeable Membrane
  • Independently Backed Guarantee
  • Suitable For Under Green Roofs
  • Fire Retardant in accordance with Building Regulations
  • Energy Efficient

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