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Using Your Conservatory in Autumn

Guide to using your Conservatory in Autumn The best thing about Conservatories is that they provide a versatile space to use all-year-round. Most of us have a favourite time of the year for using the conservatory. For many of us, when Autumn arrives, it brings a whole new excitement about making the most of the…

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Privacy Glass Options

What is privacy glass? Obscure glass, textured glass or sometimes window frosting are all different names for privacy glass. Privacy glass put simply increases your privacy levels. Possibly the best known supplier of textured glass in the UK is Pilkington’s. And we are proud to offer their range of textured glass. Whilst films are available…

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corner bifolds from outside open

What is a bifold door?

What is a bifold door? A bifold door can go by many names. They are often called bifold patio doors, external bifold doors, folding doors or concertina doors. A bifold door is a multi-pane door that folds back to give an unobstructed clear opening. Bifold doors offer the appearance of bringing the outside in. You…

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safety and security glass

Toughened and Laminated Glass

Toughened or Laminated Glass, which one should I use? Toughened and laminated glass are both called safety glass, but are actually very different types of glass. But which one is right for which circumstance? What is Toughened glass? Toughened glass, sometimes referred to as “tempered“ or “safety glass” is very simply a stronger version of…

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improve the value of your home

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Do you want to increase the value of your home? Not all home improvements are equal! Making the decision to renovate can be a brilliant way to give your home a new lease of life or give your family a little more room to grow. Whether it’s a lick of paint or something a little…

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Double Glazing Repairs Lincoln

What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass – what is it? Toughened glass, sometimes referred to as “tempered” or “safety glass” is very simply a stronger version of the standard glass that is used in most windows around the home and is used in areas where greater strength or safety is needed, for example in doors, windows near doors or…

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upvc windows, composite door, buyers guide

Ultimate Guide to Buying Windows for Your Hom...

As you’re reading our ultimate guide to buying windows for your home, chances are you’re looking to buy some windows. You may have moved to a new house and want to add your own personal touch to the property. Or you might want to improve the thermal efficiency and security of your property. Whatever the…

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Why Choose Aluminium?

Why Choose Aluminium?

When you look to buy a new double glazing product for your home, it can be difficult to know what material to choose for your property. Should you try and maintain the classical look of your Lincolnshire home by choosing timber? Do you have to choose uPVC as that’s what the neighbours have chosen? However,…

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Flush Door Lincolnshire

Why Choose a uPVC Product?

When you look to buy a new double glazing product for your home, it’s difficult to know what profile to choose from. Should you go for a modern look by choosing aluminium? Should you go for a classical look and choose timber? However, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by choosing a modern…

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Residence 9 Casement Windows

The Importance of Colour- What Colours Say Ab...

When people think of double glazing, be it windows, doors or a conservatory, the one colour that always springs to mind is white! No matter where you go in the UK, be it Lincolnshire, Hampshire, London or wherever, on every street you walk down you will be greeted by mainly white windows! In 2019 though,…

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